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Illness as a Companion

We never value or even see some things in our lives until we are just about to lose them. This is particularly true of health. When we are in good health, we are so busy in the world that we never even notice how well we are....

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Reviewing a Life

A while ago my husband and I began reviewing and editing 50+ years of videotape we recently digitized. There was footage of grandparents, parents, friends and family, births and celebrations that I had long since forgotten. Who...

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Calling All Souls

When my cat Tiger died she left a nearly unbearable ache in my heart. Animals do this: They hold joy and love and solace in a way humans can’t, and then they die. But after she died, I heard her. I was sitting at my desk and the...

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Just Do Something

I have some patients, friends and family that are in one form of crisis or another during this time of isolation and concern with COVID-19. Whether that crisis is physical, emotional, financial or spiritual they are all in...

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A Father’s Love

A father’s love is demonstrated in so many different ways: Throwing a baseball after a long day of work, reading one more bedtime story, handing over the keys to the family car and helping that young person become an...

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Things I Will Miss

While recently giving a seminar on End of Life Challenges I asked the class this question, “What will you miss when you die?” The question lent itself to an interesting array of answers, each person’s responses being very...

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What is The Last Visit?

On an informational level this blog is a resource center around death and dying. On a personal level it is a place to explore, learn, and provide resources on creating a peaceful and easy passage.

Talking Death Cards

Talking Death Cards

Talking Death Cards provide you with engaging questions that inspire deep and meaningful conversations among family, friends and colleagues in an easy to use playing card format.

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