On this last full-moon of the year, we reflect that this has been a year like no other, a year few of us could have ever imagined… a year of loss, a year of uncertainty, a year of adapting… or not. Today, some billions of people around the world are under lock-down, more people than were alive during World War II. Most governments have told us to reduce our lives to the smallest social unit: the household. When we leave our homes, when we go out to pick up groceries or mail a package, we stay six feet apart from everyone else. Someone wrote that we are like magnets with reversed polarities, sliding off pavements onto roads, around cars; anything to avoid being close to others.
Maya Angelou once wrote “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive…………” Now and in this coming year, may we have the causes and conditions, as well as the courage and wisdom to thrive, serve, and to lean into the light in the midst of what we are facing today.
May this year bring us peace, hope, courage and deeper experiences of compassion. 
Happy New Year!