I am thinking of you all.

My bedside nursing has significantly cut back over the last few weeks. Using video to interact with my patients has become my new tool in caring for the ill, the community and myself.

I never fathomed I would spend my final year(s) as a nurse shielding my frail patients from having to go to the Hospital to protect the healthcare system from imploding.

The disorienting unfoldment of the current healthcare catastrophe makes nurses, like myself, feel a little lost and alone. Friends and family inquire on my welfare. Yes, I do put on armor when visiting my patients – my PPE: personal protective equipment (a meager mask, gloves, a gown) and arm myself with Purell.

David Brooks of the New York Times calls it social solidarity. He tells us that solidarity is not a feeling; it’s an active regard to the common good. For now, it means staying home most of the time, and going at times to battle the “hidden enemy” head on with fellow healthcare workers around the world.

I look forward to the day when this is all over. People will shred their mask, stop hording toilet paper and liberate themselves from the confines of their quarantine to line the streets cheering as a parade of our health care workers passes by.

I shall join the celebration when this is all over with big hugs, unmasked and ungloved.

It will get better!