iStock_000048517462SmallI recently returned from a 6 week getaway to Italy with my husband. I envisioned taking the time and having the inclination to go deep into my contemplation and years of study and experience with death. I hoped for great insight and perspective on issues surrounding death during my absence. Well I didn’t. I didn’t take the time nor did I have the inclination to ponder death.

I did visit the local cemeteries in Florence and Barga and paid my respects to it’s inhabitants. I did marvel at the great artwork and tombs of Michelangelo, Dante and the like. I visited many a church and crypt that housed Popes and dignitaries of the time. But nothing burning or thought provoking came to me regarding my thoughts on death. That’s when it hit me….I needed a break! A break from death. I needed a break from all the processing, drama and issues that surround how we deal with death. I needed a holiday.

So, I became totally absorbed in the beauty, history and culture of the country. I focused on how the great artists and philosophers lived life and how they impacted the world. I spent time with the people who savored all things living and ate and drank accordingly. I enjoyed my time to the fullest and lived life.

Death will have to wait for my return.