Game Over

I am a Death Planner. My best days are spent helping someone prepare for his or her worst. I help people die.

I have been doing this work for so long that when I meet people for the first time I sometimes wonder, “How will this person pass – will it be quick, will it be slow and grueling or will they be ready? What words can I impart that will help them get ready…today.”

I am preparing for another long trip…back to Florence for six weeks. Lots of excitement, planning and ideas are percolating in my head as I prepare for my departure. I use my adventures as an opportunity to review my current thinking about life…and death. I update my personal files, review my estate planning and will. I make sure my loved ones know that I love them, know where things are and confirm they all have copies of my Final Wishes before I depart.

But with all of the physical aspects of my life reviewed, what about my virtual life? What about my web accounts, passwords…who will continue my Blog???

Although some might think it odd contemplating my virtual affairs after death, I think otherwise. The more planning a person does before their death the easier things are on the executors of their estate, which are usually grieving relatives and friends. A lot can be achieved to make sure your virtual life has a tidy closure like your real one.

There are many sites that can help facilitate and organize the macabre and mundane of our virtual world. Below you will find some of my favorites to inspire some thinking and action.

I’m wishing you a long life, happy planning and a good death.