At the beginning of each New Year I notice my tendency to cling to the past. My best role models for discerning what to hold onto and what to release are Hospice patients. With precious few days left, they almost always focus on individuals who they love and bring meaning to their life. The rest is released and forgotten.

In tribute to the courage and strength of the patients I have cared for these last 20+ years, I want to share an article entitled “How to Talk About Death” which provides tips on how to begin the difficult conversation about death with loved ones.

To help facilitate these complex conversations even further I have designed some conversation starter cards. These Talking Death cards will provide guidance and a format to begin these deep and meaningful conversations with family, friends and colleagues. Simply order your own set or for someone you love by clicking the Talking Death Cards Tab at the top of the page or just click here. Just follow the easy to order directions.

Wishing you inspiring adventures and journeys in 2014 and the courage to let go….