There is a gravesite on a hill outside Florence, Italy called Porte Sante. This cemetery is located in the same area of San Miniato al Monte, an Olivetan Monastary. There are hundreds of people buried there since its opening in 1855. Burial sites are delineated by families, children, famous and not so famous. The markers were as beautiful as most sculptures found in the city.

What struck me most was the frozen in time statues of Maria and Antonio standing atop their graves. They stand approximately 5 feet high and facing each other in their evening finery. Maria dressed in her elegant gown and Antonio in his military uniform. Arms are outstretched as they are ready to embrace each other and dance. Their inscription reveals their names along with their birth and death dates. Maria’s inscription states “Born January 24, 1923 – Died March 27, 1941.” Antonio’s reads “Born March 18, 1921 – Died May 17, 1941”, less than 2 months of Maria’s passing.

The statues revealed such youth, beauty and love. Maria died at the tender age of 18 and her beloved shortly after at the age of 20. What did they die of? Did Antonio die of a broken heart? Was Antonio with Maria at the time of her death or away at war? In the city that evokes such emotion, art appreciation and amore my mind wanders…

This month’s Posts features articles and writings that help define what is important to us in life and how we want to be remembered at the end of it.

What would your grave or urn depict? What would it say? If you could create one visual image that sums up your life, what would it be?