poetry on dying

Amiga – Another poem by Ramon Sampedro:

Friend – who prevents you from fulfilling dreams
of soaring in flight past fear,
who now does not question the meaning of life
but that is in life its pain?

Above all the fear you start anew.
The eternal is always, always a new beginning.
Begin to live, begin to die,
and between certainty and doubt begin to dream.

In dreaming we begin to believe in life.
In love we begin to believe in death.
And every lover thinks about the search for love
further on when love is lost.

“Quality of life is due to a pleasant agreement, a perceptible harmony of the body and mind with all conditions and subjects of personal feelings. When there is no longer a fear of death, death is the only rational alternative by which to free a life from suffering. When there is no quality of life, when the chaos is total, there is no better alternative than the disintegration of the material to be reborn.”
(Sanpedro quote)

Image Credit: Rishi S @ Flickr