all-souls-daySometimes in the early morning hours I hear static coming from my home intercom. No other time of day does that noise occurs. I know it must be some technical problem, that there is a logical explanation. But I have the thought that it is past patients coming to visit me.

If they are reaching out to me, what are they trying to say?

Why did you not see my suffering?

Thank you for your help. I’m OK.

Why did you let me linger?

Thank you for helping my family.

My thoughts and imagination runs the gamut.

I feel no fear. I simply feel a sort of kinship. At times I do feel sadness and I simply speak out loud, “Hey there. I hope you are doing OK on the other side. I hope you know I did all I could do to help ease your suffering.”

Sometimes the static noise escalates and other times it goes silent when I speak to it.

These are my haunting thoughts. It is part of the price I pay for doing the work I do. I try to incorporate them into my day-to-day life but I also work hard to let them go.

I write about my patients, draw pictures of them and send them good will and thoughts. But there are always a few that linger. And for them I will keep the intercom on.

Happy Hauntings on this Hallowed Eve.