I just reviewed my Advanced Directive which contains my wishes for End of Life Care. This is a ritual I perform after the hustle of the Holidays. I review my will, financial plans and health care directives.

The majority of my hospice patients have no clear idea what they want during their final days. They feel that once their bodies are overcome with illness and disease their choices are over. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. By the time Hospice arrives to provide care most people are too weak to discuss or explore their desires. This leaves us, not them, trying to figure out what to do.

Why leave these important decisions, which carry with them lasting impressions and memories for grief stricken family and friends, to health care professionals. Take the time this month to review, complete and discuss your wishes with your loved ones. Review the Advanced Directive information and sample directive under Resources in the main menu above. There you can print out a copy, fill it in and review with your loved ones. There are many helpful step by step tools available and I have included my favorite the “5 Wishes” which are mentioned in a below Post.  It’s a start.

Happy New Year!