“Don’t cry because it’s over,
Smile because it happened.”

-Dr. Seuss

Holidays are joyful for most of us but they can be a sad time for individuals grieving a loss or anticipating one. Here are some helpful ideas for you to bring a little comfort to those facing tough times:

1. Write a note that you are thinking of them and their loved ones
2. Offer to run errands or assist with Holiday chores
3. Share a meal
4. Deliver a gift of baked goodies
5. Include them in your holiday activities (but don’t be offended if they decline)
6. Watch that sad movie they want to see and cry together
7. Establish a new ritual – a quiet brunch the week before or after the holiday, a meal you prepare together on a week night or an afternoon tea…

If you are the one experiencing the loss, here are some other helpful ideas:

1. Practice a forgotten ritual or invent a new one
2. Light a candle every day
3. Pray, Laugh, Cry
4. Look at favorite photographs while listening to music
5. Volunteer or make a charitable donation in your loved one’s name
6. Journal your feelings, fears, disappointments and hopes
7. Eat, sleep, rest and cry some more.

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